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Category: Contractors Permitting Database

Contractor’s Permitting Database


We are pleased to announce that phases I and II of the Permit Source Contractors Permitting Database are operational. Phases I and II includes the municipal Building Departments in Broward  and Miami-Dade Counties.  This is our new resource for contractors permitting their construction projects in the South Florida area. A “One Stop Shop” for the contractor’s building permitting needs. No more wasting valuable time sifting through municipal websites looking for forms and permitting information. We have done the work for you, and in addition, we offer our permit processing knowledge database for our member Clients. This service is designed for contractors but it can be useful to developers, engineers architects, and home owner’s applying for Owner/Builder permit.

The photo above is a screen shoot of the Contractors Permitting Municipal Database main page. In addition to the building permit forms and permitting information, you get inspection information and procedures. Notices on closings, new forms or changes in permitting procedures. You can even follow us on Twitter to get this information sent to you in real time. If you are a specialty contractor we are adding tips and procedures on your specific permitting needs.

We are offering this service at a low monthly cost of only $6.00. That is less than $100 per year. As we add additional phases and services that monthly fee will increase, but not for existing member Clients. Please visit  our Permit Source Municipal Permitting Database to take advantage of our new service.