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South Florida Permitting Database

Over the years, many of our Clients and building contractor contacts have requested a centralized informational resource database for the South Florida building departments. With over 100 building departments in the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, it can be a very time consuming process sifting through hundreds of websites and thousand of pages trying to find information on obtaining a building permit for a construction project.

We are pleased to announce our first phase of creating that information database. On October 30th, Permit Source, will have the informational resource for¬† Broward County¬† building departments up and running. We will have permitting forms for each municipality, contact information, and offer our knowledge database with permitting tips and commentary on the individual building departments in Broward County. Please bookmark our “Helpfull Links” page so you can take advantage of this new service for all your building permitting needs.