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New 2010 Florida Building Code

2010_Florida_Buiilding _Code_Wind_Bebri_RegionsThe new 2010 Florida Building Code will be implemented on March 15, 2010, and it includes significant changes to areas of South Florida. Specifically, the High Velocity Hurricane Zone Areas have been increased to include a much larger land mass and now covers areas that were not in the 2007 Florida Building Code. How will these changes affect contractors, manufacturers and permitting in South Florida? Until the changes are fully implemented nobody really knows for sure.

Tom Johnston, president of the International Hurricane Protection Association has the opinion that, “this adoption of ASCE 7-10 places an unnecessary burden on manufactures to update their product approvals to reflect a new code version when very little material differences have occurred. In addition, a net result of slightly less stringent design pressures is not a step in the right direction. All of this occurring during these difficult economic times makes this code modification even more of an ill conceived decision.”

According to the Home Builders Assocition, for central and south Florida the WBDR is increased and now will include all of the following; Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe, Palm Beach, St. Lucie, Indian River, Brevard, Volusia, Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota, Polk, Charlotte, Lee, Glades, Hardee, Hendry, Okeechobee, and Highlands. The result of these changes will mean there will be new areas with requirements for opening protection in accordance with Chapter 16 of the code.

There are also changes to the Energy Code which will affect Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, but it seems, that the largest impact of the new Code from a cost and procedural stand point, will affect Central Florida more so than South Florida. By no means does that diminish the increased costs for building permitting. Procedural changes that building departments will institute will require contractors to produce additional paperwork and forms, and then there is  the increased costs incurred by manufactures that will be pasted on to consumers. Let’s not forget the additional costs that the local architects and engineers will need to pass on the their Clients.

To summarize, it is a good thing that the HVHZ areas have been increased. Yes! The Wind Born Debri Regions in the 2007 and earlier Codes never made any sense, but have the other changes made buildings any safer? Or, have the changes just added more costs to the consumer, created more bureaucratic procedures and paperwork, and made the process of designing, building and permitting a construction project more of a nightmare that it already is, in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties? Only time will tell!

Contractor’s Permitting Database


We are pleased to announce that phases I and II of the Permit Source Contractors Permitting Database are operational. Phases I and II includes the municipal Building Departments in Broward  and Miami-Dade Counties.  This is our new resource for contractors permitting their construction projects in the South Florida area. A “One Stop Shop” for the contractor’s building permitting needs. No more wasting valuable time sifting through municipal websites looking for forms and permitting information. We have done the work for you, and in addition, we offer our permit processing knowledge database for our member Clients. This service is designed for contractors but it can be useful to developers, engineers architects, and home owner’s applying for Owner/Builder permit.

The photo above is a screen shoot of the Contractors Permitting Municipal Database main page. In addition to the building permit forms and permitting information, you get inspection information and procedures. Notices on closings, new forms or changes in permitting procedures. You can even follow us on Twitter to get this information sent to you in real time. If you are a specialty contractor we are adding tips and procedures on your specific permitting needs.

We are offering this service at a low monthly cost of only $6.00. That is less than $100 per year. As we add additional phases and services that monthly fee will increase, but not for existing member Clients. Please visit  our Permit Source Municipal Permitting Database to take advantage of our new service.

South Florida Permitting Database

Over the years, many of our Clients and building contractor contacts have requested a centralized informational resource database for the South Florida building departments. With over 100 building departments in the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, it can be a very time consuming process sifting through hundreds of websites and thousand of pages trying to find information on obtaining a building permit for a construction project.

We are pleased to announce our first phase of creating that information database. On October 30th, Permit Source, will have the informational resource for  Broward County  building departments up and running. We will have permitting forms for each municipality, contact information, and offer our knowledge database with permitting tips and commentary on the individual building departments in Broward County. Please bookmark our “Helpfull Links” page so you can take advantage of this new service for all your building permitting needs.

Occupational License / Business Tax Receipt

Business_Tax_ReceiptAlmost every City and County in the State of Florida requires that businesses have a Business Tax Receipt, once known as the Occupational License. Basically it is just another revenue generator for the municipalities. Most municipalities require one or more inspections once the Business Tax Receipt application has been submitted, to verify that the business will be operating safely.

Permit Source offers businesses the service of acquiring the Business Tax Receipt. We can email you the forms, if it requires signatures. Assist with filling-out the application. Submit the application package. Track and manage the review process and deliver the issued Business Tax Receipt to your place of business.

Hurricane Protection Permitting

Hurricane_Wind_Load_ChartThe hurricane seasons over the past couple of years have been pretty quite here in South Florida and another season is slowly approaching. Will this be the year that we get hit? Nobody knows but it is best to be prepared. If your home doesn’t have any form of hurricane protection, you might want to consider making the investment. Now is a good time. Prices are low and it is a very competitive market. Please visit our Helpful Links page for a list of contractors.

If you are a “do it yourself” type of person, you may need a little help with the permitting, and Permit Source, Inc. offers home owner’s assistant in preparing your permit package to submit to the building department. We make sure that you have all the proper Product Approvals/Notice of Acceptances, and that the forms, tables and charts are completed properly. If your building department requires elevations and detailed floor plans we can perform a site survey and prepare the required drawings. No mater what you are planning to do; hurricane panels, hurricane shutters or impact windows, when can assist you.