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Building Permit Database


“Is there one central location where I can get building permit history in the Sate of Florida?”  That is one of the most common questions I hear, and the answer is very simple. No! In South Florida alone, there are roughly one hundred building departments. Each having it’s own database, systems and procedures, and none of them link to each other in anyway. Some building permit data may be available on an individual municipalities website, but the quantity, and quality, of information varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

If you are looking for actual copies of building permit documents, the situation is even more dire. There are only a couple of municipalities that make copies of those documents available online, and that is only recently. For example,  about a year ago,  Miami-Dade County converted from paper document submissions to  digital permit document submissions in pdf format. Those documents can be retrieved via their website. Anything before the conversion is on micro-film and you have to physically go to their office to retrieve copies of the documents.

One of the services we offer at Permit Source is building permit document research and retrieval. You could spend hours just trying to get information by navigating through poorly designed websites, making phone calls, or leaving messages that go  un-returned . Our years of experience and daily interaction with the South Florida building departments allows us to move through the process much more efficiently. We already know the procedures, and where to go, to get the information and/or documents you need.

REO Property Preservation


The second quarter of 2010 has seen a Fannie & Freddie Real Estate Owned inventory increase of 74% compared to the second quarter of 2009.  That is a year to year comparison.  In addition, RealtyTrac says there were 94,466 foreclosures in the first half of 2010 in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, alone. This unprecedented number of foreclosures has created in increased demand for REO property preservation companies, permit processing services and foreclosed property maintenance services. Many of these property management and property preservation companies offer a limited selection of services.

Permit Source has joined forces with Maintenance Dynamics to offer a “One Stop Shop” for REO property maintenance and preservation services. We can offer you complete property maintenance services. We provide a comprehensive package consisting of  everything from simple trash-outs, lawn maintenance and re-keys all the way up to major renovations and new construction projects. The services we offer are for residential as will as commercial properties and we can supply everything from consulting services to full brick and mortar construction. In addition, there are numerous issues that can hold up the sale and occupancy by a new owner, such as open or expired permits, code enforcement liens, unsafe conditions like a faulty roof or exposed  plumbing and electrical wiring. We are here to help resolve these issues and more. We do everything from lawn care to unsafe structure resolution.

If you are a real estate broker, asset manager, or investor managing foreclosed properties in the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County areas we can offer you a “One Stop Shop” for property maintenance and property preservation services. Please feel free to visit our websites, or contact our offices, for more information on our property preservation and property maintenance services for foreclosed properties. Private home owners are welcome too!

Open Permits

Open permits are permits that have expired which have not passed the required inspections. The first step in the process is to renew the permit. Try contacting the original contractor. If the company is no longer in business, or unresponsive, the home owner may be able to renew the permit in their name depending the type of permit. In many situations they may need to hire a contractor to renew the permit. There are municipal fees involved and if a new contractor is hired there will be fees for their services

The next step is to get the permit closed. Inspection may have to be done, and in some cases those inspections may involve work that is concealed. Destructive testing may be required and engineers hired to certify the work was done to code. There are even situations were the work performed under the permit may have to be removed. Depending on the contractors costs, testing and engineers fees it may be more cost effective to remove the work that was performed under the permit.

Closing an open permit can obviously be a time consuming and complicated task. Even the most experienced real estate professionals may not have the resources required to close even a simple trade permit. If you need assistance with open permit problems we can help. Permit Source works with contractors, engineers and architects on a daily basis. Are pool of professionals can assist in resolving open permit issues for commercial and residential property owners. Feel free to call us to discuss your open permit problem.