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F. A. Q's on the Contractor's Building Department Informational Database
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  1. Will I have access to all the buildings departments information by becoming a member?
    Answer: No. Not all building departments have their information accessible via the internet. Some only have partial information available, but more and more are getting internet savvy, and as time goes on, we expect the database to continuely grow.

  2. Do I have to have a PayPal account to sign-up?
    Answer: Yes you will, but it is as simple as putting in your name and email address. No different than when you buy anything else online these days. After that, you just enter your credit card information and once you are approved you will be transferred to South Florida Contractor's Municipal DataBase home page.

  3. As an experienced contractor with average computer skills, how would your service benefit me?
    Answer: First, and most importantly, the time savings. Searching the web and then trying to find a specific information within a website can be very time consuming. We have already done the research and have the information in a simple easy to navigate format. Secondly, if you are doing your own permit processing with in-house personnel, we give you our knowledge and experience with tips on permitting for each building department.

  4. I am a contractor with six employees that do my permit processing and inspection scheduling in-house, and I would like them all to have access to Building Department Informational Database. Do I have to sign-up them individually?
    Answer: No. The access is by organization, not by individual user. We do use password protection software so if you require more than six employees to have access at one time, you will have to notify us and we would issue separate username and passwords.

  5. I am a home owner wanting to do an Owner/Builder permit for a project I am planning. Would the information in your building department informational database be helpful to me?
    Answer: Yes, but remember that is specifically designed for contractors and design professionals. The permitting tips, direct access to documents, and links, will be extremely helpful in permitting your project.

  6. As an architect or engineer, how would your service benefit me?
    Answer: We have links to each Municipality's Code of Ordinances. There is Public Works, Fire and Zoning forms and information, as well as contact phone numbers and emails for planners, reviewers and inspectors.

  7. I am a construction manager and I schedule the inspections for my jobs. What do you offer that can help me?
    Answer: A.I.R.S. (Automated Inspection Requesting System) procedures and phone numbers. Direct links for on-line scheduling, and inspection tracking. Cut-off times. Holiday schedules and continuing education days when inspection scheduling is not available. Inspectors phone numbers and/or emails.

  8. How often do you update the DataBase?
    Answer: Since we are actively working with the majority of building departments on a weekly bases we are constantly updating the information. With over 100 building departments in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, alone, it is impossible to guarantee 100% accuracy because of the large volume of information, staffing and policy changes that can occur within any given municipality without prior notice, but we make our best effort to keep the information as accurate as possible.

  9. Will you keep the price at $6.00 monthly?
    Answer: As we grow the informational database we may need to increase the monthly fee, but anyone that signs-up at the $6.00 a month rate will be locked in at that rate until they cancel.

  10. How can I cancel my membership?
    Answer: Just click HERE to log in to your PayPal account, or click the email link above and email your username and contact information to us and we will cancel it for you.

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