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General Contractors

Permit Source is dedicated to serving the construction industry by managing and facilitating the building permit process. We are very experienced in the policies and procedures, of the over one hundred building departments in the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. All of our personnel have a construction background and are familiar with building codes and construction practices.

We will review your construction documents for completeness and accuracy before they are submitted, and make recommendations that will expedite the review process. We coordinate the plan review submittals, corrections and revisions, with the building department, project managers, architects and engineers to keep the process moving. We can also act as agent for the Qualifier. We can represent the interests of the Qualifier and/or the contracting firm at various architectural boards, and in meetings with building officials.
We supplied building permit processing service for this project
Roofing surveys and permitting Trade Contractors

Permit Source is the perfect solution for the trade contractor with limited resources. You no longer have to have your experienced technicians, or office personnel, filling out forms and standing in line. Permit Source frees-up your personnel to produce billable time on the job and increases production and revenue. Our experienced personnel manage your permitting needs more efficiently, saving you clerical time and cost, labor time and cost, and travel time and costs.

We offer roofing contractors, roof surveys and High Velocity Hurricane Zone Roofing Application preparation. If you are a window and door contractor, we can prepare your complete permit package with marked-up N.O.A.'s, product approval schedules, wind load charts, and required drawings. For sign contractors we can perform sign surveys complete with photos and accurate field conditions.
Fee Structure

Our competitive rates for permit processing are as follows:

  • We charge an initial base rate of $100.00 for a trade building permit. Examples of these types of permits are fences, driveways, impact windows, awnings, re-roof, demo and signs. This includes permit application and package review, permit submittal, acquiring a process number, progress tracking, pick-up upon approval and delivery. We include contractor registration at no charge. Permit Fees charged by the jurisdictional building department are additional. Your completed permit application is typically submitted within 24 hours of pick-up.
  • Broward contractors submitting to Broward building departments can get a discounted rate of $50. Visit our Broward page for details.
  • Other services which may be additional:
    - Application or package preparation.
    - Corrections, required by the municipality, to Client prepared submissions.
    - A travel charge will apply to any muncipality outside of a 30 mile radius as indicated on the map on our main page.
    - Recording a Notice of Commencement, if required is an additional $10.00 plus the required recording fees.
    - A service charge will be applied to any permit fees paid on behalf of the Client.
  • Roofing - We can perform a roofing survey, prepare the High Velocity Hurricane Zone Roofing Application and complete roofing permit processing for $200.00. Application preparation and complete permit processing is $150.00 with Client supplied roof plan and specifications. Corrections, if required, by the building department are included.
  • Windows and Doors - We can survey the jobsite, prepare the window and door replacement, permit package, and complete window and dooor replacement permit processing for $200.00. Application preparation complete permit processing is $150.00 with Client supplied floor plan, elevations and specifications. Corrections, if required, by the building department are included.
  • Signs - We can perform a sign survey, complete with photos and an accurate field conditions report. Sign survey rate is $50.00.
  • Single Family and Commercial Interior Renovations - The rate for permit processing is $250.00, which includes one set of corrections.
  • For multi-level or multi-residential, office and Commercial projects over 3,000 sq. ft. we will determined the rate after project assessment and evaluation.
  • Custom services such as Permit cost analysis, inspections, open permits and project management will be at an hourly rate plus expenses. Principal is at $75.00 per hour and associate is $50.00 per hour.
  • Walk-throughs requested by the Client, or the Municipality will be at an associate hourly rate.
  • All permit applications for the City of Miami or the City of Miami Beach requiring a walk-through, will be at a half-day rate of $150.00 for each day required.
  • All permit applications requiring DRC or CAB review will be at an associate hourly rate.
All photos and graphic images are copyrighted and are of actual Client projects.

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