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Welcome to Permit Source
Permit Source facilitates the building permit process for Architects, Builders, Contractors, Developers and Commercial Property Owners. This service frees up valuable labor time and resources that can be better utilized supervising, managing, and designing your project.

It isn't a simple process anymore! Walk-thrus are becoming more and more a thing of the past. The task of procuring building permits for even the smallest of projects has become a tedious, time consuming and costly aspect of every contractor's job. Often times the owner of a contracting company, one of it's principals, or a highly paid project manager may find themselves spending hours waiting in lines and filling out forms at the local Miami-Dade County, Broward County or Palm Beach County building departments. This process drains the resources of the contracting firm and its personnel, which could be better utilized in sales, project management and construction.

More and more contractors are now outsourcing to permit processors, such as Permit Source to free-up valuable in house personnel and resources, and reduce costs. We can handle new projects from the ground up, or just process your day to day trade permits. For some of our roofing and impact window Clients, we actually produce the complete permit package with all the required forms and N.O.A.'s. Please visit our Contractors page to see a detailed explanation of the advantages of using Permit Source and the services we can offer a contracting firm, no matter how small, or large your company may be.

Property Owners

The property owner, from the single family home owner, all the way up to the the regional real estate management companies can find themselves in a situation of having to obtain building permits for various projects. The single family home owner may have no clue as to what they need to do. The real estate company may know what to do but thinks that the contractor is charging an above average price for acquiring the permit. In either case, Permit Source can be the solution.

Property owners are ultimately liable for permit issues and can have their properties liened by third parties for unresolved monetary issues involving permits. In addition, the property owner can be fined or have their property liened by their local municipality for work without a permit, expired or open permits. Please visit our Open Permits page to learn more about work without a permit, expired permits, open permits or lien issues.

We can offer the commercial developer, Owner's Representative and Tenant Coordination services for construction projects and tenant build-outs. We can also assist with final inspections and Certificate of Occupancy issues if the contractor has failed to perform. We can acquire the Certificate of Use or Business Tax Receipt for your business or property.

Other Services


We offer E-Permitting and Electronic Plan Review services for large and small contractors that do not have the software, or hardware required for electronic permit processing. Or do not have the staffing to manage E-Permitting. We are very experienced and knowledgeable about the E-Permitting procedures for the building departments that have currently instituted electronic permit processing, and plan review.

Property Preservation

In today's current housing market we supply services to Property Preservation Companies and bank owned properties. Our services include everything from open permit research to legalizing illegal buildouts. We have contractors, architects and engineers that we work with to legalize work done without a permit, if it is cost effective. We can produce the required documents for permitting illegal construction, or removing the work preformed without a building permit. Even removing illegal work, or work done without a permit, requires a building permit.

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