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About Us
Our History

The principals and associates of Permit Source have over 40 years of experience in, and an extensive knowledge of, facilities management, construction management, building construction, building codes, and permit procedures. We have been in the construction industry in the South Florida area for over twenty-five years developing and constructing large retail, commercial and residential projects for local and nationally recognized developers.

During those years we saw the need for experienced professionals to assist owners, contractors and developers in facilitate the permitting process. The so called "permit runner" with little or no construction knowledge, and with even less common sense was hindering the process, instead of expediting it.

Our Mission Statement

Permit Source intends to provide an extensive knowledge data base, and professional building permit processing services to, owners, architects, developers, licensed contractors and licensed general contractors for the well over 100 building departments in the South Florida area. The goal of our service is to eliminate unproductive time spent in the municipal building department's plan review process, and the building permit acquisition process, thus creating a more efficient and profitable business for our Clients. We also intend to provide permit package preparation services, consulting services, tenant coordination and permitting job cost estimates for owners, architects, developers, and contractors that are in the development or design stage of a project.

Our Experience
Broward County

We work on a day to day basis at almost every building department in Broward County. Since a very small percentage of the County is still under the Broward County's jurisdiction, it is the most diverse. It is the most diverse from a procedural, policy and code standpoint also. New building departments are being added each year and almost every City, Town and Village has it's own building department and municipal code, and we have experience working with them all.

Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade is similar to Broward except for the fact the Miami-Dade County still has jurisdiction over large areas of the County. We work on a day to day basis at the County, City of Miami and Miami Beach building departments throughout the week, since they are the largest and cover most of the County. New building departments are being added each year in Miami-Dade County too. We have experience working with most of them but on a less frequent basis.

Palm Beach County

The Palm Beach County building department still has jurisdiction over large areas of the County. Very similiar to Miami-Dade County. We work predominatly at all the County building department offices throughout the week. We also have experience working with the City of West Palm Beach and all the smaller City, Town and Village building departments, but not on a day to day basis,

Our Many Clients Over the Past Thirteen Years.
  • J W Jones Contracting Inc.
  • Rainbow Roofing Solutions
  • Invatation Homes, Inc.
  • Dillon General Contactors, Inc.
  • Roof Technologies, Inc.
  • Interstate SignCrafters, Inc.
  • State Permits, Inc.
  • Shade Systems, Inc.
  • Elite Builders Group, Inc.
  • Shoreline Air, Inc.
  • All Phase Construction of Central Florida, Inc.
  • JR Young Builders, Inc.
  • Petroleum Resources Development, Inc.
  • Pineda Brothers Roofing, Inc.
  • Allstate Technical Solutions, Inc.
  • Sundance Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Sierra Contracting, Inc.
  • Cortez Heating and Airconditioning, Inc.
  • Mycom - Property Recovery Contractors
  • Service Works Roofing, Inc.
  • American Storm & Fire Restoration, Inc.
  • Allied Architectual Metals, Inc.
  • Wark & Company, Inc.
  • Awnings America, Inc.
  • Horizon Group of New England
  • Sutter Roofing, Inc.
  • TarHeels Roofing, Inc.
  • Landmark Construction Group, Inc.
  • Hurricane Protection Industries, Inc.
  • Ritchey Enterprises, Inc.
  • Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc.
  • Mr Rooter of Broward County
  • Maximum Plumbing, Inc.
  • Sam Jolly Plumbing, Inc.
  • American Tropical Signs, Inc
  • Andes Fence Company
  • Florida Window and Door Co.
  • Helicon Foundation Repair Systems, Inc.
  • United Fabrication & Maintenance, Inc.
  • Supreme Construction Corp.
  • McFarland Electrical Services, Inc.
  • Tropic Air-conditioning, Inc.
  • Pizza Fusion
  • Graphic Systems, Inc.
  • Frank Spano, Inc.
  • Checkpoint Security Systems, Inc.
  • Built-Rite, LLC
  • Hurricane Express
  • Custom Roof Tile, Inc.
  • Precision A/C Solutions, Inc.
  • Diversified Building Industries, Inc.
  • Tierra Center, LLC
  • Valiant Products, Inc.
  • Security101, Inc.
  • Miami-Dade Air-Conditioning, Inc.
  • Pavement Exchange Group, Inc.
  • Beautiful Concrete of South Florida, Inc.
  • Bluewater General Contractors, Inc.
  • Total Structural & Security Assoc.
  • S A Kennedy, Inc.
  • Bell Signs, Inc.
  • American Storm & Fire, Inc.
  • Quality Sign Company
  • WZ Investments, LLC
  • Tri-County Mechanical, Inc.
  • Urban America
  • Harbor Shops. LLC
  • All Florida Restoration, Inc.
  • On-Time Home Improvement, Inc.
  • Springer-Peterson Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.
All photos and graphic images are copyrighted and are of actual Client projects.

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